• CoV-2 MUT 3 MutaPLEX real time RT-PCR

CoV-2 MUT 3 MutaPLEX real time RT-PCR

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The MutaPLEX® CoV-2 MUT 3 Real-Time RT-PCR Kit is an assay for the detection of point mutations in the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 from biological specimens. The test kit is used with samples that have been prequalified with screening PCRs like MutaPLEX® Coronavirus real time RT-PCR Kit (Immundiagnostik AG, Cat. No. KG192696). The determination of a specific lineage requires another test kit, e.g. MutaPLEX® CoV-2 MUT (Immundiagnostik AG, Cat. No. 193196).
Storage conditions - 20 °C in the dark; opened reagents - at 2–8 °C for up to 6 months
Country of Origin Germany
Average Delivery Time 3 weeks
Test method Automatic
lg class M
POC-test No
Using by a doctor No

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