Abacus 3CT

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The Abacus 3CT is a compact, bench top, 60 test/hour, 3-part WBC differential analyzer with cap piercing for open and closed tube sampling with a new, easy to operate touch screen to access the new intuitive and logical user software.


  • Throughput: 60 tests/hour
  • Parameters: 22 including 3-part WBC-differential – WBC, LYM, MID, GRA, LYM%, MID%, GRA%, RBC, MCV, HCT, HGB, MCH, MCHC, PLT, MPV, RDW-SD, RDW-CV, PCT,PDW-SD, PDW-CV, P-LCR, P-LCC
  • Volumetric impedance method
  • Sample volume: 100 μL
  • Sampling method: Open & closed tubes
  • Pre-dilution option
  • 3 cyanide-free reagents: Diluent, Lyse & Cleaner
  • Diatro•ECO Reagent Pack: Up to 145 measurements
  • Quality Control: 24 QC lot, Levey-Jennings graphs, USB and barcode option to load QC target values, capable to read QR codes for reference input data
  • Data storage capacity: 10,000 results
  • Optional external barcode reader
  • Built-in thermal printer module, 58 mm wide roll paper, full report with histograms
  • Color touch screen operation
  • Logical/intuitive user interface
  • User language: English, German, Bulgarian, French, Greek, Indonesian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Spanish, Turkish, Italian
  • Size (Width x Depth x Height): 32 cm x 49 cm x 36 cm, 12” x 19” x 14”
  • Weight: 18 kg, 39 lbs


  • Barcode reader
  • Can read all common barcodes used for test requisition.

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