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About Us


We aim to make laboratory diagnostic tests available for everyone, and to contribute to improvement of public health and the health care system in Lithuania.


We work with the best and most innovative medical diagnostic laboratories, hospitals, polyclinics and their laboratories, medical institutions, family doctors and businesses that take care of the health of their employees.

Our specialisation - rapid tests, laboratory reagents and disposables from European manufacturers

We specialize in the field of CE marking rapid tests and materials for diagnostics. Our products scope.

I. Rapid Tests

II. Laboratory Reagents (ELISA, PCR)

  1. Covid-19
  2. Immunology: Organs and systems, Autoimmune diseases, Allergic, Infectious diseases, Oncological diseases, Other
  3. Molecular diagnostics: Bacteriological, Parasitic, Viral
  4. Clinical chemistry: Digestive System.

III. Laboratory & Medical Disposables 

Geographic Coverage

  • Lithuania (headquarter)
  • Latvia
  • Estonia

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We represent

We represent only reliable, leading manufacturers of diagnostics most of them from Europe: ImmunDiagnostik AG (Germany), BAG Diagnostics GmbH (Germany), Preventis GmbH (Germany), AMEDA Labordiagnostik GmbH (Austria), VitAssay (Spain), Immunodiagnostic Systems Holdings PLC (UK), DiaMetra srl Unipersonale (Italia), ScreenItalia S.r.l (Italia), InterMedical S.r.l. (Italia), Tody Laboratories Int. (Romania), MetaCell s.r.o (Czech), Koroglu Medical Devices (Turkey)
All products have CE marking.

We work like rapid tests - quickly and reliably, helping our customers here-and-now

A healthier society, a better health care system

For medical institutions and laboratories

Be the first in innovative medical diagnostics with the newest scientific technologies providing the high quality of healthcare services to your patients! Professional test for rapid diagnostics – safe, reliable, and time-saving for the patient and medical staff.

For doctors

Ability to quickly diagnose, detect the disease at an early stage and monitor the effectiveness of treatment in one visit and on the spot.

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UAB „Tubuva“
Pelesos street 1-414, Vilnius-02161, Lithuania
Phone: +370 631 30 111, info@tubuva.com

Company code: 304893235
VAT code: LT100012168317
Bank: Medicinos Bankas
Code: 72300
Address: Pamėnkalnio street 40, LT-01114, Vilnius, Lithuania
IBAN: LT167230000010467871